Do you know the secret serial killer in your home?

      2018 so far is a year of triumph and turmoil when it comes to health consciousness! Every people living the in the urban and rural places are experiencing a robust interest in how to attain a healthy lifestyle. People nowadays are now being choosy when it comes to the food that will be served on the table especially mothers! As much as possible especially if the budget permits it, mothers would choose organically-produced foods especially the green-leafy vegetables and fruits. Children are being trained to keep a sound and healthy lifestyle. Local governments are starting to put their resources to beautify their local parks to encourage socialization and physical activities among families of the community.

However, to emphasize the part of “turmoil”, mothers are not realizing the secret killer in their homes. According to the CBS News report, there are 133.9 MILLION AMERICANS who are living in counties with an UNHEALTHY level of air pollution – and Mothers, this figure has doubled from the 2017 census! Wow! According to the report, smog and particle pollution are the 2 types of pollution that dominate in the United States. Many of these SMOG-PLAGUED cities can be found in California which is currently suffering the devastating fury of the forest fire! These cities are Los Angeles-Long Beach; Bakersfield, Visalia-Porterville-Hanford; Fresno-Madera; Sacramento-Roseville; San Diego-Carlsbad, and Modesto-Merced. The same story is true in Canada where an average of 7,700 premature deaths is being reported each year. In fact, it is estimated that air pollution has cost Canadian families with $36 Billion in 2015 due to premature deaths. Studies have shown that air pollution increases the morbidity and mortality rate of cities, especially in developing countries.

Common causes of these premature deaths? Lung cancer, liver cancer, asthma attacks and behold Mothers, air pollution can cause developmental problems and issues on your children! The good news is there are cities that have the cleanest air in the US which includes Bellingham, Wash.; Burlington-South Burlington, Vt.; Casper, Wyo.; Honolulu; Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titusville, Fla., and Wilmington, N.C.

The other silver lining is that a research published in Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy journal reported that ESSENTIAL Oil might help you, mothers, to protect your children and loved ones from the dreadful effects of air pollution. The study reveals that essential oils can protect your children’s liver and has a novel therapeutic effect for the treatment of liver-related disease. Furthermore, the review of Dobetsberger and Buchbauer (2011) states that essential oils have a positive effect on mood, behavior, perception and can be used as a treatment on stress, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

So what is an Essential Oil? My dear fellow mothers, Essential Oils (EOs) are the “lifeblood” of the plant which it uses to nourish and heal itself. The wide variety of plants produce many varieties of EOs that we humans are also able to use for healing and life-improving purposes. As you read this article scientists around the world continue to test new plants to determine potential healing qualities in their EOs.   Ancient cultures widely used EOs. Ancient Egyptians were the first who studied, produced and used EOs for religious and healing purposes. From Egypt, this knowledge spread through Jewish and later Christian communities. Many references to frankincense, cedarwood, and the aloes (sandalwood) – just to name a few – can be found in the Judeo-Christian religious texts.    Many widely used prescription pharmaceuticals were originally derived from plants, i.e., digitalis from foxglove and the well-known salicylic acid (aspirin) can be found in the inner bark of the white willow tree.


The modern history of EOs started at the beginning of the 20th century during the First World War when large numbers of injured and sickened demanded mobilization of all possible tools medicine had at that time. In the last 20 years, EOs gained popularity in the U.S. Their qualities are studied by scientists around the world, taught in Naturopathic Schools and Integrative Medicine programs of several Medical Schools and now can be found even on a health food store’s shelve

So mothers, the next time that you feel irritated to your rowdy children and lovers, try not to hesitate to use essential oils. Besides, essential oil does not only calm your children at home, but it may also heal your own stress.


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